LISS Habitat Restoration and Protection Database

In 1996, the Long Island Sound Study established a Habitat Restoration Initiative to promote the restoration of degraded coastal habitats. The first targets were established in 1998, and since then over 1,750 acres of degraded coastal habitat have been restored and more than 350 stream miles have been reconnected to Long Island Sound through Initiative partnerships. The Initiative established a new target in 2006 aimed at the protection of valuable coastal habitat through land acquisition and conservation easements, and since then over 5,000 acres have been protected from development.

Search the database for project details or click on the interactive map to search for projects by location. The database is only partially complete and new project data are being added all the time. If you are seeking information for projects that you cannot find in the database, please do not hesitate to contact the Habitat Restoration Coordinators at or

*Includes habitats protected through "Acquisitions/Easements"

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